2006 – Race Recap

2006 – Race Recap

Man it was a hot weekend! We had temps as high as 89 degrees on my van computer. About 160 folks started and only 63 finished all four laps. I would like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers that made this weekend possible. If you speak with any of them, please thank them too. Without them, this race would not happen.


Mens overall
1-Chris Eatough
2-Harlin Price
3-Russ Tiles
4-John Meyers
5-Ross Clark
6-Robert Herriman

Womens overall
1-Karen Mason
2-Trish Stevenson
3-Danielle Musto
4-Fiona Lockhart
5-Shirlee Finch

1Dan Jansen
2Eric Tompkin
3Matthew Ferrari
4Gene Faes
5Tim Curtis

1Danielle Musto
2Paula Figura
3Jen Conine

1John Majors
2Steve Kinley
3Steven Tiles
4Larry Swanson
5Jim Jordan

2006 Race Photos

Please purchase photos viewed at this site from Jack Kunnen Photography simply by giving Jack the properties info of the photo you are interested in.  Your support is appreciated!

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