2012 Recap

2012 Recap

The 8th annual Founders Brewing Co Lumberjack 100 is in the books. This years event was by far the least stressful event we’ve had up there. I credit that to a large number of fantastic volunteers that keep dialing in their duties and making everything run so smoothly. The support from my family is unbelievable! Thanks guys!

The weather leading up to the race was perfect, cool days and evenings but the forecast called for the temperatures to rise and with no chance of rain. Race day arrived to overcast skies and mid 70’s in the morning but eventually climbed to a high of 91. It was the coolest 91 degree day I have every felt, the clouds certainly helped I guess.

We encountered our first redneck cycling hater at the Lumberjack 100 this year just as the race was underway. I’ll call him Cletus. He drives a nasty 70’s van with howling wolves on the side of it and BTO blaring out of the stereo. You can picture it. Cletus did not like being told he had to stop and wait for the road to clear and blasted through the corner marshals then stopped right in the middle of the road as the sea of racers split around both sides of him at 30 mph. At one point he tried to back up causing even more chaos. Wow, that was hairy and stressful but thankfully no one was injured!

Congratulations to Barry Wicks on setting a new course record and to Amanda Carey for another repeat in the Open classes!

The day finished with a few rain showers here and there. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive earlier in the day to knock down the dry, sandy trail conditions.

We look forward to next year
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