Saw Wall

Saw Wall of Fame

The Lumberjack 100 has a tradition of recognizing the racers who have made such a commitment to racing our event by presenting them with a one-of-a-kind antique cross-cut Lumberjack 1,000 saw. Any racer who finishes 10 Lumberjack 100 races, will be awarded a saw with a personal inscription honoring this accomplishment. Thank you for ten years of support and congratulations to each of you!! Rick and Tenner


2014-Michael Seaman


2015-Danielle Musto


2016-Chris Maltby


2016-Jon Heft


2016-Jim Jordan


2017-Michael Simonson


2017-Dan Kotwicki


2017-Christian Tanguy


2017-Daniel Sterling


2018-Chad Schut