Rules / Instructions


Welcome to the Lumberjack 100! We will be providing a racer informational document with all the details of the race including; Parking, Course map, packet pick up info, start time, location and self seeding, aid stations, awards… Until then, below are some key points for the event.

  • With your registration you will receive; race entry, customized number plate, Specialized/ LJ100 water bottle, LJ100 coolmax cap, pint glass, post race meal & Founders beer
  • Packet pick up will be available Friday at the Big M Lodge from 3PM-8PM and Saturday from 5:30am-7:00am
  • The race begins at 7AM sharp! Start line = Out the Big M entrance and North up Udell Hills road for approx. 2 miles
  • Due to limited parking; we ask that you only park RV’s in the 2nd overflow parking lot (look for signs).
  • Tent camping is allowed in the Big M / National Forest, NOT in the parking lot!
    No parking on Udell Hills Road.
  • You are welcome to set up your support tent at the start / finish anytime Friday. Space is on first come first serve.
  • Aid Stations:  There will be two event staffed Aid Stations on the course. One is at the 17 mile mark and one at the lodge for those that don’t have a support crew. That is two aid stations every 33 miles. The Aid Stations will be stocked with water, Heed, fruit, cookies, candy, and P&J
  • The racecourse is not a closed course; it is open to other users on race day. This includes hikers, horses and perhaps vehicles traveling on forest service roads and two tracks. The 3 lap course utilizes some dirt roads. There is potential for someone to cheat by cutting sections of single track out. Racers need to help us monitor the race. If someone is caught cutting the course they will be disqualified
  • Please watch for traffic and other trail users at road crossings
  • Important! Your Meal Ticket must be turned in at the post race meal.  Your number plate or bike clothes do not count for a meal ticket! The meal will be held in the Big M Lodge and available as soon as you finish your race. ONE MODEST SERVING PER RACER
  • The Wristband must be worn for Founders Beer, put it on now! These items are not transferable! Don’t lose them!
  • There is a Manistee National Forest user fee of $5.00 per day, per car, every day you are here. This includes spectators cars. You are responsible to pay the self-serve pipe and display the pass on your dashboard. This is in addition to your entry fee. The promoter is not responsible for a Forest Service fine. In 2011 the Forest Service handed out many fines to racers without a pass on their dashboard!


  • Clarification concerning support from crew/spectators at NUE events: The NUE Series has recently received several emails requesting clarification of exactly what kind of support may be provided by crew and spectators during an NUE Series event
  • As a general principle, the NUE Series was developed to offer a variety of self supported off road events. NUE Rules regarding crew/spectator support are included to avoid the potential dangers involved with spectators and/or crews providing aid along the course. The NUE series rules are clear on this issue. However, since NUE events each offer a unique variety of terrain, course configurations, and number and location of aid stations, each event has its own DIVERSE needs that demand individual rules. As a result, a blanket approach to rules governing spectator and/or crew access at aid stations for each event is not an effective approach
  • For example, the Lumberjack 100 is a three-lap race with two aid stations per lap but crew/spectators can only utilize the one at the main parking lot. Other races, including the Cohutta 100 and Breckenridge 100, may have an aid station that is located on top of a mountain that is only accessible by the race racers. Others, such as the Mohican 100 have some aid stations that can be access by roads that racers do not travel along
  • The NUE Series position has been to establish a set of rules and guidelines for the series without attempting to micromanage each individual event or stifle the creativity of participating race directors. NUE acknowledges that each race director is responsible for developing and enforcing their own rules that are guided by the principles of a self-supportive event
  • It is the responsibility of each racer to read, understand, and abide by the rule of each event, including rules regarding crew access at aid stations
  • NUE hopes this approach will help ensure that the NUE Series remains self-supportive but is also dynamic and flexible in approaching the various needs of each venue and the safety of our racers
  • Thank you for your support and compliance with this clarification


  • Only solo classes permitted. The classes are men’s, women’s, men single speed, fat bike, masters and tandem. (5 racers in each class necessary for separate recognition)
  • Only one bike allowed (no back up bike)
  • Single speed bikes must be single speed (no flip flop hubs with 2nd gearing option)
  • No drop bags are allowed
  • Racers are encouraged to also carry their own food, water, tools, tubes, camelbaks, etc
  • Racers may only leave the race course (perhaps to go to their car or the restroom) at the start finish area only.
  • Racers may receive aid from their support crew at the designated crew aid station near the start finish areas ONLY (Big M lodge and inner loop to outer loop transition). We can no longer have support crews traveling forest roads and trail crossings to aid racers. Doing so will disqualify the racer. In the event of a medical emergency, exceptions will be allowed. Your support crew must not gather in front of the timing staff or IN the lap lanes
  • Other Aid Station: one self-serve or crew assisted aid station near the start finish line (you will pass this area once each lap).  Racers personal items (coolers, food, drink, tools, clothing etc.) can be placed in this area. The event organizers are not responsible for your belongings left in the crew area. We will also have a Hammer Nutrition Tent set up here with food and water. There is no running water or well water on site, please plan to bring some along
  • Any part can be replaced on your bike at this crew area only
  • A cut off has been created to avoid night rescues and to allow the race
    to be over by dark. Racers will not be allowed to begin the third lap after 3:00 PM
  • Spectators may watch anywhere along the course but are asked to not ride the course during the race. (Access by foot only) Any spectator riding along with a racer, as support, is not allowed and will disqualify the racer. Any spectator providing hand up’s somewhere other than the crew aid station will disqualify the racer
  • DNF… If you drop out of the race, you must notify a race official.  Everyone needs to be accounted for!
  • Please do not litter! You will be DQ’d for intentional littering. Used gel packs are the worst to clean up. Leave no trace. PLEASE have your crew bring plastic bags for your trash and place it in the dumpster provided.